Sweating Blood

I was a little bit horrified to find this year that people think Christians are out to convert people for the sake of numbers and influence. Wow. I guess I should have known this before, but because I know the truth it never even crossed my mind.

First of all, no Christian can “convert” someone else. It’s impossible, period. All we can do is share the truth with people and pray for them…only the Holy Spirit can transform someone’s heart from within. Also, I really hate the word convert, because of the connotations it has.

Second, and getting to my actual point, it’s not even about that. The point is not “converting” people, and most definitely not for the sake of adding numbers or increasing influence. As always, I’m sure there are Christians like this, but you can’t judge God from flawed, human actions. Just because His followers mess up continuously doesn’t mean He is flawed or unloving. The point is that some people don’t know Jesus Christ and have not been saved by Him, and to say that they are missing out is an understatement.

If you knew what the cure for cancer was, would you sit around and not tell anyone? If you knew a meteor was hurtling towards the earth and had the weapon to destroy it, would you keep quiet? I don’t think so. Even less should we, who know the TRUTH and the way to God, keep quiet. If I’m telling you about Christ I’m not hoping to get brownie points from my church for adding another member who we can brainwash and take money from. I’m trying rather desperately to get you to see and understand the incredible love Jesus has for you, and I very very desperately don’t want you to miss out and have eternal death instead of eternal life. Man, I wish I could download what I’m feeling right now into this post, but words can only say so much. He LOVES you. Please don’t be distracted by the mistakes we make and miss out on the perfect love of Christ.

So to anyone reading this, don’t look at Christians and Christian mistakes to see who God is. Look at the Bible, all of it, as a whole. THAT’S God. The God who never stops forgiving His people even after the billionth time they turn away from Him to worship idols. The God who came to earth as a human being, lived out a complete life, and willingly died for us on a cross when He easily could have saved Himself. The God who defeated death and Satan and rose from the dead three days after He died, and then ascended back to heaven but left His love, His Spirit, His words. The God who loves YOU with a passionate, dangerous, jealous, fiery love you can only begin to imagine. HE is the point. Not some petty issue like getting another member for the church.

Before Jesus was arrested to be crucified, he was in total despair because he knew what was going to happen; the very reason why He’d been sent to earth. “He withdrew about a stone’s throw beyond them, knelt down and prayed, ‘Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.’ An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him. And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.” Luke 22:42-44. Reducing this to an issue of numbers, influence, and money is to mock the suffering Jesus went through for our sakes. I say again: it isn’t about that. Jesus loves you enough to sweat blood for you and then die a painful death, and defeat death and Satan and rise from the dead so that YOU can have eternal life, both now and after you die physically. He loves you. It’s the truth. Period.

2 thoughts on “Sweating Blood”

  1. Hi Veri,
    I loved this post, and appreciate the depth of grace sprinkled throughout your discussions. As a living witness to God’s forgiveness for the billion plus times I have failed, sinned, or just continued to drift in ignorance, I am grateful that God’s mercy is new every morning. Being a Christian is not about the numbers, or influence, or political motivations. We are broken people, who know the God of the Universe personally, and HE is the source of healing, repair, and wholeness.Until we can love other humans through God’s eyes, being His hands and feet, then we are just part of a social club. It is only through Jesus that we can be changed to embrace others just as they are, love them where they are, provide a safe place for them to process life, and be authentically engaged in their lives.
    Take care,


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