I preach peace but my deeds breed slavery.
I give you poisoned honey,
give you nectar with a killer disease.
I’m the magnet,
you’re the metal shavings;
I say you’re free
but you’re really in slavery.

Hold my hand,
I’ll guide you into the flames.
Don’t worry, trust me,
I’ll go slow so you won’t feel it.
Take you down in slow motion,
like a rugby playback,
pinning you down
while you scream for the medic.

Don’t analyze my words,
just go with it.
Your mind is too small to fill it
with anything but one doctrine,
one ideology, one set of chains.

I find it funny how you struggle and run,
fighting a battle that was already won.
Yeah I’m defeated but
I’ve still got your soul.
Don’t take much effort,
since you run to me…
give up your freedom so easily.

Who needs joy when you’ve got rum?
Drown your pain in my blood,
fill that hole in your heart
with my hatred, despair.

I’ll make you sing, all right,
I’ll make you sing all your life.

Scream out your pain,
who’s gonna hear you?
Shout for help,
who’s gonna cry?

You’re too far down,
too deep in my darkness.
Why complain when you chose it?
No hope remains;
you’re mine now,
you’re mine.

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