A Beautiful Difference


I am a human being.

I am not weird, or normal, or strange, or crazy. I am unique, whatever that means. You are unique, whatever that entails. Thank God He made us each unique, our own, separate identities, our own separate people, apart from everyone else in a myriad of ways both big and small.

Success is being where God wants you. Are you where God wants you? Then congrats, you are successful. It doesn’t actually matter what people think, you know. In fact, God and the universe give a gummy bear’s foot what people think. When fashion says not to mix certain colors, God goes “Psshh, you obviously have not seen that awesome bird I made.” If everyone was meant to follow the same path, get the same grades, do the same things, then a) the world would be boring and b) God could have just made a little mold with some modification options like on The Sims and left it at that.

For one second – I mean, preferably more than that, but let’s start with a second – make your head quiet. Forget what people say. You know what people are? People are other creations just like you with backgrounds and histories and problems and baggage just like you who make judgments just like you about people who are different. That’s what we do best. Judge the ones who aren’t like us…which, if we’re really gonna go there, should be everyone. So just forget that for now.

God. Doesn’t. Make. Mistakes. I sincerely wish that this truth could be hammered into every single one of us, because that’s what it is. Truth. He didn’t make you the way you are by accident. What does it matter if some people don’t get you? GOD, as in the one who made EVERYTHING, wants you to be the way you are. Quirks and all. The sin part is obviously not God, and that has to change, but your personality? Your person? He made you that way. There is not another soul who can occupy the precise space that you do in space/time, because you are uniquely, wonderfully, beautifully made, from your inmost to your outmost. For a reason.

Yeah, in the grand scheme of things, we’re insignificant. People like to throw around the whole you’re-the-size-of-a-really-tiny-dot-and-there-are-billions-of-stars and what not, but to God, you are not insignificant. He doesn’t make mistakes. YOU are not a mistake. Let people think what they want to think: just keep on keeping on with God and make sure you stick to His will.

Psalm 139, Song of Songs

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