Beyond Description


This thing that I want to say is difficult to express, because it’s said so much that it’s been watered down to the standard thing you tell someone when they’ve had a bad day. It’s like an ice cream cone, like the ones you give to little kids when they stub their toes or something, and those either melt or you eat them up in two minutes, and they don’t last.

“God loves you” is this thing I want to say. But there actually are no words, no coherent sentences, that can fully express all the meaning these words carry.

Yes, sin has consequences. And yes, God expects us to do our best in living for Him, to ask Him for help when we need it (which is always), and to repent of our sin. No, He does not love us because we’re perfect or loveable or whatever. No, He doesn’t give you a pass on something you did just because you were tired and had a bad day, unless you ask for forgiveness. But I think – I know – that despite hearing those words, “God loves you,” hundreds and probably thousands of times in our lives, we don’t hear them. They don’t penetrate our hearts the way they should.

Those words mean that literally no matter what you do, God loves you. He loves you because He is perfect, and that means His love can never run out and nothing you do can increase or decrease His love for you. That is an awesome, as in awe inspiring, thought. And it’s not only a thought or an idea: it’s the whole and absolute truth. His love is unending. His mercy is unending. His forgiveness is unending. Not unending the way we think of it. Unending as in really, truly, literally, seriously, unending.

And God made you the way He wanted you to be. Sin distorted you, but He shed His blood to save you, so that He can have a relationship with you, so that the barrier between you could be torn down. You are beautifully and wonderfully made; His works are wonderful, and you’re one of them.

Psalm 139, Song of Songs

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