The Naked Truth

Why are we not real with God? Why do we hide things from Him, as if He doesn’t know already? Why do we think that showing Him our wounds and the rotted flesh of our sin will make Him turn away from us? It is when we don’t show Him our true selves that we feel far from Him.

He is God.

He knocks on the door of our hearts

He sees everything; He knows everything. He knew all the wrong we would do in our lives before the universe was even made. He knew every wrong thing we would do even after we’re saved, even after we’re washed clean by the blood of Christ. All the times we betray Him, deny Him, spurn Him…He knew these things, yet He died for us anyway. Hiding things we are ashamed of only hurts Him and us more, because it prolongs the agony of being separate from Him. He delights in us; He loves us; He sings over us (Zephaniah 3:17). He longs to be with us. When we hide things from Him, just as much as we feel far from Him, He longs to have us face Him again. The moment we let go and lay ourselves open before Him, we feel His healing touch. He does not condemn us or harshly rebuke us; He forgives us and heals the deep wounds sin has left in our lives.


Let all be stripped away, Father, only do not let me go from Your holy presence.

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