It’s That Time Again

Lights! Camera! Exams! Yes indeed, the time has come. So in light of that and the fact that I haven’t posted in ages, I thought I’d do this slightly irregular post about: How to Stay Sane While Studying. I offer some advice.

-make time to jump/dance around your flat/house/room/closet like a maniac. music would probably be good, but sometimes I like to go without.

-cook elaborate meals! at the moment I’m working on some fried noodles and chicken…partly because I overcooked the chicken in the first place, but also because it’s fun to do. during exams.

-go outside. seriously, fresh air = fresh brain. brain wrinkles are good, but sometimes you need to air the thing out, you know?

-make allllll the kinds of tea you have. indian chai, vanilla chai, green tea with mint, green tea with lemon, earl grey, rooibos, rooibos with blackberry, normal tea, ethiopian normal tea…tea = goodness for your soul.

-stretch. better yet, go outside and stretch.

-spend some time with Jesus.

-don’t panic. everything will actually, literally, for seriously, be. ok.

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