NaNoWriMo 2012

Winner-180x180You may or may not have wondered where my NaNo-ness has been this whole month, except for the few snippets I posted on Twitter. With only one win and two epic fails behind me, I thought I would try a different method this year: no forums or blogs at all. That, my dear friends, was  stupid decision. I lugged myself through to just over 20,000 words before I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore, and on Day 27 I finished with 21,026. So I broke my ban on forum posting and shamelessly begged for someone to encourage me (I felt a little bit pathetic, but you have to do what you have to do). Luckily I wasn’t the only one, and also luckily, Wrimos are truly amazing people. With lots of encouragement and posting throughout, I ended up winning again this year with 50,154 words just before midnight, after writing nearly 17k on the 30th to finish.


Some highlights about this year:

-the first time I won I pulled through by using dirty word count tricks like breaking the fourth wall; this year I have 50,154 of solid writing that I can actually realistically edit.

-I had a whole bunch of writing breakthroughs once again

-pushing myself to write 17k in one day was insane, especially since I wrote almost that much in the previous two days and was feeling super tired…I know lots of people do way more in a day, but this is the most I’ve ever been able to write all at once in the same story

-my novel isn’t actually finished yet, which surprised me…I didn’t write just to get it done, I actually wrote to get a decent story out

My stats for this month!
My stats for this month!

All in all I feel really good, and I most definitely will not be making the same mistake again. I should really know this by noww, but two heads are better than one, and 300,000 heads are better than one, too. So thanks to everyone for your amazingness and for supporting each other this month. A huge congrats to everyone who took part, whether you won or not: you now have words written that you didn’t have before. And write on!

For anyone who is interested, go to to find out more

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