My Beloved


My beloved.

My beloved is a Prince among men, radiant and rugged as he comes over the mountaintops.

My beloved is beautiful, his eyes like the sun, the heart that beats in his chest a wild heart, a strong heart, a gentle heart.

My beloved is braver than the bravest warrior, more courageous than a lion. He guards those he loves with fierce strength, and comforts them with limitless gentleness. He can tear a lion to pieces with his bare hands, yet hold the smallest bird safely in his grasp.

When he comes, his face is like fire, his robes like fire on the mountain, and the very ocean knows his presence.

My beloved is scarred, but his scars make him all the more beautiful to me, all the more Kingly. His scars are his love for me, my reason to live, my reason to love. He lived to die, rejected and alone, like a rose, trampled on the ground; he took the fall, and thought of meโ€ฆ


Happy birthday, my beloved.

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