imperfection blog


my thorny crown.

He wore it, undeserved;

it belongs to me.


my slave driver.

I run and flee,

to no avail.

Where is right or wrong?

Where is the promised dawn?

The white swords,

angelic hordes?

I wait for Him;

my soul gives out.

I long for Him;

no hope is found.

I feel alone,

a plight unknown;

where is He,

My Savior King?


I cannot find

my way to light;

lost and wandering.

The world bears down,

its rotten crown

too heavy

for me to carry.

I cannot see,

I cannot feel.

No words, no sound;

come to me now.

Take me, break me,

mold and shape me;

in Your hands alone

do I find peace.

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