Look Up and See

I am writing this post while feeling upset. Not angry with people, but angry with lies, and angry with fear, and angry with things that oppose the truth.

When people hear the name of Jesus, they think Christianity, those people who like to throw the word sin around, those intolerant, narrow-minded ignoramuses. They are distracted by us, His followers, mere humans who still sin and who will never be perfect and will never, no matter how hard we try, be completely Christ-like. They are especially distracted by His “followers” who are in fact not even close to representations of who He is, of the love He gives, of the life He promises.

But I wish, I wish with all my heart that people would look past us. Look past the people you see wearing their crosses. Look past the flaws in their lives. Religion is a human construct, but this, this relationship – this is God-initiated, God-created reality. This is REAL. We are not playing some game and trying to outdo each other with good works and with “people we’ve converted.” Only the Holy Spirit can “convert” anyone anyway, so that’s a moot point.

What does the world think we are doing? I speak to an unseen God – and yes, He speaks to me. I feel His presence. I experience His love. I see His hand in everything, and the peace I have comes not from myself or because I meditate for half an hour everyday. This. Is. REAL. This is real. We are not playing dress up. My soul praises my King, because He loves me. My heart’s desire is to follow Him – not to emulate a character in a book, or to emulate a historical figure, but to actively FOLLOW the living, breathing, alive-this-very-moment Jesus Christ. He is alive. He is ALIVE. He is alive this very moment, not dead and lying in some far-away tomb, leaving us to our own devices. My Savior lives.

Why don’t you look at Him? See the splendor of His majesty; see the love in His eyes. Why won’t you look at Him? Lift up your heads, turn your eyes upward and LOOK at the King of Kings. He is alive, He is real, and His love for you is real. It’s not even about the religion – it was never about the religion. It’s about Jesus. He is ALIVE. Look up and see.

He is indescribable; He is uncontainable; He is all powerful; He is beautiful; He is love; He is King; He is Lord; He is healer; He is Savior; He is ALIVE.

3 thoughts on “Look Up and See”

  1. Wow! The beliver’s perfection is in Christ, not in ourselves. We are always in the state of becoming . The unsaved person will never understand our ralationship in Christ .


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