It’s Almost Here: Preparations

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This is a longish post, so get ready!

NaNoWriMo officially starts in 5 and 1/2 days. I’m pretty sure I discovered NaNo exactly 4 years ago today, so that’s kind of exciting! Since it’s starting soon, and since I’ve posted my basic tips post, I thought I would go into my goals and how I plan to get there.

This year I’m being a crazy person and have decided to do something fondly referred to as 50kKillMeNow, or 50kDayOne. Even though the base goal for NaNo is 50,000 words, a lot of people shoot for more. This year I happen to have time, so I’m shooting for 50,000 on the first day (as in, a 24-hour period), and 300,000 for the month. Yes, I know. I’m perfectly aware of how insane this is. But I’m also waayyyy excited about it.

not mine, but isn't it nano-worthy?
not mine, but isn’t it nano-worthy?

Because everything with my academics has been postponed, I can literally do whatever I want at the moment, which for me means intense creative surge ness. And so I want to write 4 novels – all very dear to me. The first is called The Hilt and the Blade, which only one person might recognize if she’s reading this (yes, Duckie, it’s finally getting written) and is the first book of my Kirael series…which of course revolves around the Shard trilogy.

Which brings me to my next 3 novels. I’m going to rewrite all 3 books in the trilogy and shoot for 75,000 words each. I can’t believe I’m putting my most precious preciousness on the worktable that is NaNo, but it needs a kick to get itself off of its butt and get finished already [read: the author needs a kick to get herself off of her butt and get it finished already] so I thought, hey, NaNo, why not?

So. Strategy. (You know how I love me a schedule!)


during the day: sleep in, make popcorn, gather snacks, make sure there is an ample coffee supply, put things within reach of laptop

around 4:30/5 pm: take a nap

around 10 pm: get up and shower

around 11 pm: make and have coffee, do FB and Twitter updates, check the forums, be jealous of Australia, say goodnight to mom, station self in a comfortable position


12:00:01 am: START! Write for 45 minutes, take a break for 15 minutes. Update word count hourly. Consume coffee and food and/or chocolate as needed. Ask the 5 or 6 other people doing this why we’re doing this. Repeat until fatigue sets in.

when fatigue sets in: sleep for 1.5 hours (a sleep cycle). Continue writing on the 45/15 pattern. Sleep when necessary but not for longer than 1.5 hours at a time and hopefully not more than 4 times throughout the day.

by 11:59:59 pm: hopefully reach 50,000 words in the last ten minutes or so, then pass out and sleep like a log.

The Rest of November

If I want to hit my month goal of 300,000 words and I get 50,000 on Day 1, I’ll have to write about 8,600 words a day to get there.

That’s That!

If you want to track how I’m doing on November 1st, I’ll be updating this spreadsheet hopefully hourly, and for the rest of the month I’ll be using this one. Both of these were made by cosmam and you can find lots of tips and advice for NaNo in general and for 50kDayOne here. If you want to join us, go here and say so! We’ll be using the Twitter tags #50kKillMeNow and #50kDayOne.

Also, 2009 was my first year and it was by far the year I documented the best, so feel free to check out those posts for some more insight on what it’s like to do NaNo. (I was a teenager, so please don’t judge my weird turns of phrase and over-hyper-ness. Also please don’t judge the apparent acronym obsession phase I was going through.) Whoo, get excited!!!

also not mine
also not mine

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