I feel alive.
This fire rushing through my blood. Familiar. Warming.
Defrosting me. Thawing the frozen recesses of memory, reminding me. Taking me back. Urging me forward.
Long asleep, the roots of a fig tree buried deep, stretching. Growing again.

I feel alive.
Old scars disappearing. Ice melting, revealing green freshness, bringing out a singing, chirping life like a new spring bird
Caged spirit freed. A heart with clipped wings that receives a new set, soaring like a dove above golden green land.He guides me.

I feel alive.
I desire His love again, His voice again. Distrust gone, fresh anticipation takes its place.
Bring me to You.
Engulf me in Your resonating voice, Your love beyond description.

I feel alive.
Reconciled to myself, the betrayal mended.
I carry on.

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