The Way Things Are

My heart is in pieces.Although I know that there is hope, and that there are good things in the world, and that the light overcomes the darkness, today I feel the world is in ruins, and today I have no optimism in me. We have the hope of Christ, but today I struggle to find that hope. And I have to speak up.

For how long will this suffering continue? For how long will men continue to rape, abuse, and molest children? For how long will basic human decency be a luxury when it should be just that – basic?

I don’t care about gender issues right now. I know rape is a growing threat to men as well. But right now I care that yet another little girl has been found dead and raped – not by strangers, but allegedly by a family member. A family member. She was four years old. Four years. A society where this kind of thing happens is a sick, dying, twisted, abysmal one.

For how long?

I am a woman. I have to be more on my guard. I have to be cautious even with friends. It is a reality. No, you can’t live in fear, and yet if you look at rape statistics, most rapes are committed not by strangers, but by acquaintances, friends, and family. We can beat around the bush all we want. We can go on and on about how most men are wonderful and won’t do this. We can say it is silly to be so cautious. But numbers don’t lie. Statistics don’t lie. I am asking, what are we supposed to do? Can you understand? Is this getting through? We can react with feminism and gender battles and what not, but not wearing a bra and shaving my head isn’t going to do anything. Talking about the power of women isn’t going to do anything. Arguing about the definition of man and woman and gender and whatever else isn’t going to do anything.

And I am asking, what are we supposed to do?

Apparently the reason why men rape is to feel powerful, and to make the woman feel powerless. Well, congratulations. Women feel powerless. Not only for themselves, but for their children.

What kind of a sick, twisted bastard rapes a little girl? Rapes a baby?

I’m a Christian and I believe in the love of Christ. I believe in His forgiveness. I believe that we should love others.

But right now, today, I am having a hard time with that. Right now, today, I feel like buying a machine gun…no, that would be too quick…I feel like buying every sing torture device known to mankind and hunting down the men who do this and make them suffer like hell. Because no human has the right to take away someone else’s rights, and when you do, you forfeit yours.

Dear governments of the world: you’re acting like a bunch of unfeeling jackasses. You think a few years in prison is punishment enough for rape? Good job. Clearly it’s working.

7 thoughts on “The Way Things Are”

  1. I completely agree that this can be a sick, twisted world, and that a few years in prison isn’t nearly enough for raping someone. The really sad part is that most rapists and molesters don’t even get that.

    I think you’re wrong about the feminism aspect, though. Because we also live in a society that blames women and children for the rape. That says that they were “asking for it” and then tells children that if they’re not virgins, they’re horrible people, which leaves those were were molested feeling dirty and wrong, which just makes what happened to them even worse. Instead of blaming women, we need to start blaming the men for actually committing these crimes. Instead of just saying “boys will be boys” whenever they do something wrong, we need to start holding men accountable for what they do. As long as society views women as second-class citizens, it won’t care how they’re treated.

    So do I think feminism will stop rape and molestation? No. Those sick people will always be out there. But I do think feminism can help make the aftermath just a tiny bit better.

    But either way, I feel your pain. It’s horrible that this stuff keeps happening. 😦


    1. I totally agree with you – I guess to me that isn’t feminism, it’s just common sense…or at least it should be. Not blaming the victim shouldn’t have to have a name attached to it, it should just be part of being human. But I know you’re right, and I wish there was a quick fix.


    1. I will admit that when I hear about things like this, my fondness for the movie “The Brave One” increases. As I said, I know that God’s love is for everyone and that I should pray for them rather than judge, but it isn’t easy when it comes to crimes against children especially.


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