An Adventure of Epic Proportions

not my image
not my image

Hello all! So as I’ve mentioned, changes they be brewin’ around here πŸ™‚ One of the things I really want to focus on more at The Masquerade is reading and writing. Both of these are great passions of mine (shocker) and I know that I have this in common with many of you!

This is perhaps not the wisest way to start, but I’ve decided to blog and/or vlog through The Lord of the Rings. I am a crazy, but I like to think that there are other crazies like me out there, so let’s do it!

I discovered The Hobbit when I was in 5th grade and fell in love. When The Fellowship of the Ring movie came out I was only 11 and I didn’t really realize the connection, or what it was. I just remember my dad being fanatical about us going to see it. My brother was in the US visiting us at the time and the theater was so full that the two of us had to sit in the very front row while my parents sat near the back.

And I remember a whole world opening up before my eyes, and the imagination boost (what an understatement) and the complete sense of wonder I felt. And I walked out of there a Tolkien fan and, more importantly, a budding writer. That was ages ago (let’s not dwell on it or I’m going to feel old) and now The Hobbit is finally making its way, in 3 pieces, onto the screen. There’s one more year left until the last part, and a new generation of Tolkien fans has been created thanks to Peter Jackson. What better time is there to reread the trilogy that started it all? No time like the present! Join me if you want – I’ll be starting this evening. Get excited!

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