It’s here!

Ok people, NaNoWriMo starts in exactly 6 hours for those of us down here in South Africa. I just wrote an exam, I’m about to take a nap, and then the fun will begin! I’ve got my coffee set up, snacks ready, and my desk and laptop are waiting in inanimate anticipation.

Here’s my spreadsheet for this year’s 50kdayone, which I will be updating hourly-ish (probably half hourly towards the end). Depending on how it goes I might make it to my region’s write in tomorrow morning, but I kind of doubt it. We will also be using the hashtags #50kdayone, #50kkillmenow, and #racetohell on twitter, if you’re interested in following the madness of everyone who is doing this. I won’t be posting again until probably the 4th, but as I said, you’ll be able to see on the spreadsheet whether I’ve made it or not πŸ™‚

Full speed ahead! Happy writing, everyone!

4 thoughts on “It’s here!”

  1. Oh dear, just realised that your 50k Day One is gonna count for CT in the word war… #wellthatwillpushthewordcountup

    Still cheering for you, though! You can make it to 50 this year!!!


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