The Day After November


And again we say goodbye to yet another year of NaNoWriMo. Even after 6 years NaNo has not gotten old, and every year it’s a little bit sad when it ends. But it’s always good to look at the positive side: we all have words we didn’t have before. We all had adventures and twists and turns along the way. We all learned more about ourselves as writers, and we all allowed ourselves the time and space to do the thing we love. And whether you wrote 100 words, or a 1,000, or 50,000, you should be proud of yourself and consider yourself a winner.

As for me, I (once again) didn’t reach my goal, but I don’t really care because I wrote almost every day and broke my own monthly writing record. Not only that, but I love the story that came out of this and it was lovely to spend time with my most favorite characters once again. And although we say goodbye to NaNo until next year, I’m certainly not saying goodbye to writing.

So with that I bid adieu to all you NaNoers and I’ll see you again in eleven months ๐Ÿ™‚

(Of course, I’ll still be here rambling about life and things. But it feels like I should say goodbye. So goodbye.)

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