Attempt Authenticity

I can’t be anything but me. Does that mean I’m no longer simply attempting authenticity? That I have achieved it?

Ah, wouldn’t it be loverly. But we never really arrive, do we? Because things keep changing. We keep adapting and evolving. It is a constant struggle (not in a negative sense) to stay true to who we are, because who we are keeps growing and moving and reshaping. Knowing that, it’s a wonder that any of us live even remotely stable lives.

So I suppose that attempting authenticity is not so much about the details as it is about the bigger picture. All of us have some kind of base, some deep, foundational personality that remains the same despite how often the superficial weather changes. All of us have ways of thinking and living. And all of us know the difference, in ourselves, between authenticity and pretense. We know what it feels like to lie to ourselves, or cover ourselves up, or betray ourselves. And we also know what it feels like to be authentic and real and raw.

I hope this doesn’t come off as being frivolous and skin deep. My intention is not to give out inspirational quote strips as band-aids for real problems. It’s difficult, in a world where articles about how to be pretty and how to be liked and how to be attractive and how to be creative and how to be fashionable and how to be the perfect spouse and the perfect child and the perfect everything are so prevalent, to be…just…you. As though that is somehow not quite enough. Self improvement is one thing, but when it crosses the line into changing to fit into a magazine article box, it’s no longer good or okay.

We are who we are. God made us who we are. If we were all the same, what a boring world this would be. So be you. Dare to be you. Just try it. Attempt authenticity.

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