On Becoming a Library Hobo

Me sitting in the library taking photos of each page of the commentary to this text, because really, who can afford all that copying?

I always spent tons of time in the library during undergrad. I was usually there even before it opened, with a handful of other tired looking students guzzling coffee and trying to wake up. Now, though, I have Arrived. I am one of those cool people who don’t care what other people think because the library is my home. I take off my shoes and sit cross legged on the comfortable chairs, readings and highlighters and Ancient Greek texts all over the place. I am one of those people who eats in the library because after 4 years I have learned that no one cares despite the multiple NO EATING signs everywhere. I am one of those people who pitches in clothes just this side of being actual pajamas because yes, I will in fact be camping out here for hours at a time and I might as well be comfortable. I have Arrived. The postgrad library section is full of people like me. It’s much more chilled this side. We are here. We made it through undergrad and now we are pajama wearing, food eating, coffee inhaling Couch Dwellers. 

This post should not be taken seriously because I’m writing it to procrastinate. Except it’s kind of all true, minus the ‘I am cool and have Arrived.’ No one ever arrives. That’s kind of the point. Happy studies, all 🙂

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