I don’t have anything beautiful to say today.

Today, I am sitting in the library, working my butt off to catch up in what is really an impossible sprint. Today, I left my house without making my bed, without reading my Bible, without taking time to spend with the Lover of my soul. Today I am tired, and my routine is a mess, and I mostly consist of coffee and chicken pie. Today I have nothing beautiful to say.

Today I am in the middle of what life is made up of. We like to attach pretty phrases to things, hipster photos, filters and airbrushing pics and sentences, making it seem like life is this rainbow ride of photogenic all-together-ness. Today is not a day for that. I have no inspirational quotes to share. Today is simply me, in a sea of students, looking up ancient Greek words and trying not to have a meltdown about how behind I am or how many things I have to do. Today is full of highlighters and pen ink all over my fingers and the campus coffee people knowing my order before I say anything because I’ve been there so many times.

But you know what? Today is good.

3 thoughts on “Today.”

  1. Veronique~
    I totally know what you mean!! I’ve lived those Todays…
    It means so much that you are willing to be so real and authentic. You are a wonderful and amazing person! We all feel like this -> the world in pieces around us. But it is sadly uncommon for anyone to be so honest about it and I love that about you. Life is seldom the picturesque, picture-frame faith everyone wants to see. It’s faith in motion, real, living faith, when you truly are “in the trenches” with God.
    He is there, with us, while we’re devouring Greek words by the pound and throwing together sandwiches and ordering coffee. But I know I feel guilty because I’m not spending as much time as I did yesterday talking with my Savior. It’s hard to remember that He understands, and is just as real in the fast-paced action of normal life as He is in our times of communing with Him alone. He is real, and He cares for you, today, in the brokenness and stressed flurry of the now.
    We all have versions of our “todays”. But we are all children of a loving Father who understands and cares for us. I pray that He will give you His strength to keep going, and to rise from the ashes to a new day. Thank you for being so real with us!
    A last thought. This verse helps me on my “todays”. “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7 Easier to say than do, but encouraging to me. And I agree. Today is good. In the stained glass window of life… well, life is beautiful.
    P.S. By the way, I think I can hear the angels cheering you on… Keep going; you’re awesome and I know that in Him you will triumph! 😉


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