There and Back Again

Dear UCT,

Well, this is it, my love. Maybe I’ll be back again someday to study, but I doubt it. I looked forward to it for so long and with so much excitement, and I can’t believe it’s already over. It all started with an intense wish to get to know you, and a crazy decision to only apply to you and no other universities. It has been full of learning, personal growth, language nerdage, hardships, and victories. Over the last five years, you have challenged me in every way, stretched me in every way, and it kind of feels like you tried to kill me a few times, but ultimately I came out of it stronger and braver than I was. So thank you.

I really will miss you. I am not one of those people who is ready to leave. I’m only leaving because I have to, and if I could, I would have stayed. Yes, you have some serious flaws, but I’m going to be optimistic and hope that you will work on them.

Stay beautiful, with your trees and your cobblestones and the ivy covered walls I’ve always loved so much. Maybe I’ll see you again.


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